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Happy New Year!

If this blog was a house, there would be dust everywhere, a pile of mail under the door and overall, a quiet abandon feeling.

Which is kind of sad because i love this little blog of mine!

The thing is, i had some big issue with wordpress lately and i can’t upload any pictures anymore.

And let’s being honnest a lifestyle blog without pictures is pretty pointless!

So until i have figured out what the hell is happening, i’m still writing my french blog (find it here) if you want to follow along!

2013 have come to end and this was one of the best ever for me!

It’s funny how i remember vividly wishing secretly, to find love, last year at midnight.

How could i have imagine than less than a month later, i would fall madly in love with an amazing man. Than three months later we would live together and that we’ve been inseparable ever since!

SO many things happend during these 12 months : Adventures, travels (i mean HELLO 6 weeks Road-Trip across west coast!), laughs, love, hope, family time, romantic getaways, new appartment, futur plans, …

So many reasons to be thankful for!

I’m pretty sure that 2014 will be AMAZING!

I mean how could it not be??


I’m excited, can you tell?!

I wish you all a VERY happy, joyful  and positive New Year!


Julie ♥




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