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I’m about to say something i never thought i would but… i’m kind of happy with the belgian weather right now.

Shoking, i know

Pretty much everyone feel depressed come the end of september

The constant rain, the freezing cold, the lack of light…

This year, i’ve decided to enjoy it

Enjoying things as they are

Identifying feelings

And this fall feels


The feeling of an end

And a soon new begining…

These promises keeps my heart full and warm

That’s all i need, really

Oh, and this song helps too…

How is your fall so far?


Julie ♥

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4 thoughts on “Lately

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip to the states – it looks like it was a blast! I don’t know if its our second winter here or it is in fact more of a ‘normal’ belgian winter or the fact that we’re going to the beach in a week, but i’ve been enjoying the hectic out of this chilly weather season! Hope you have a fab holiday season!

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